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AeroShell Grease 14 (3 KG)

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AeroShell Grease 14

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AeroShell Grease 14

AeroShell Grease 14 is the leading helicopter multi-purpose grease and is approved by all helicopter manufacturers. Owing to its anti-fret properties, AeroShell Grease 14 is suitable for the lubrication of helicopter main and tail rotor bearings.

3 KG

AeroShell Grease 14 is composed of a mineral oil thickened with a calcium soap and possesses outstanding anti-fret and antimoisture corrosion properties making it oxidation and corrosion inhibited.

The useful operating temperature range is 54°C to +93°C.


U.S. Approved MIL -G-25537C
British Approved DEF STAN 91-51
NATO Code G-366
Joint Service Designation XG-284

Oil type: Mineral
Thickener type: Calcium Soap
Base oil viscosity mm2 @ 40°C - 12.5 @ 100°C - 3.1
Useful operating temperature range °C 54 to +93

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