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Randolph Engineering - Pilot Sunglasses

Originally built for the U.S. Military and standard issue since 1982
Worn by pilots, taste-makers, and those who demand the best.
Made by hand in USA using the finest components found worldwide.

American Grey

Randolph Engineering - Aviator

Originally built for the U.S. Military, our flagship Aviator surpasses rigid military-spec standards. Standard issue since 1978, the Aviators are battle tested and suitable for the most rigorous demands and are a superior choice for everyday use.
Randolph Engineering - Concorde

Randolph Engineering - Concorde

Named after the Concorde supersonic passenger airliner, which entered service in 1976 (four years after Randolph Engineering was founded), the Concorde is built to meet the same military standards as our classic Aviator.
Sunread Pilot Sky med læsefelt

Sunread Pilot Sky med læsefelt

Sunread model "Pilot Sky" med læsefelt