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America´s Fighting Jets

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America´s Fighting Jets

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Exciting 4-DVD set — the definitive series on the aircraft that daily stand on guard in defense of freedom.
Producer Topics Entertainment

Specs 4 DVDs, approx. 180 minutes

Another title in the popular Topics Entertainment video series, America’s Fighting Jets is the definitive DVD set on the aircraft that daily stand on guard in defense of freedom. Feel the G forces and the sweat on your forehead as you streak through the sky in aerial combat. Experience the world of U.S. combat pilots as you fly over the arctic tundra and desert sand in jets of the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. Watch the intense training and heart-pounding missions of the Top Guns pilots. Journey back in time and examine the amazing jets that protected North America and fought aerial battles during an era of high stakes nuclear stand off. These DVDs feature stunning, archival footage of planes, pilots and crew in action, and offer a fascinating look into the intense world of F-15 Eagles, F-14, F/A-18, Stealth Fighters, Vipers and more.

This 4-DVD box set is an $80 value if sold separately and includes these exciting DVD titles (45 minutes each) in a beautiful printed package—ideal for gift-giving:

Jets of the Air Force
Jets of the US Navy and Marines
Jets of the Cold War
Unusual Jets

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