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Ballograf Erase Pen

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Ballograf Erase Pen
Write and Erase

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Erasable Ballpoint Pen

The Ballograf ink is famous for its quality, but sometimes you may want to get things undone. 

With the new Ballograf Erase you can easily change without compromising on the feeling of writing.

Erase ink ?

Ballograf Erase uses heat-sensitive ink that with the help of the eraser makes the ink invisible.

When you erase what you have written or drawn it is actually left on the paper, it is just invisible. By putting the paper in the freezer for instance it appears once again.

Reliable design

Erase has a rubberized pen body for good writing comfort and ink in the same color as the pen body. The pen's built-in silicone based eraser is extremely durable. It is firmly attached to the top of the pen and you don't need to worry about loosing it.

The cartridge writes about 300 meters before it is time to replace it with a new one.

Choose between black and blue, or why not one of each color?

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