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Bose A30

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Bose A30 uden Bluetooth

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Plug in. Turn on. Go flying.

The Bose A30 headset is the latest in cutting edge aviation headset technology.  The most comfortable, full-featured, over ear headset on the market. Its optional Bluetooth interface and three selectable modes of noise cancellation with talk through communication offer versatility for pilots across all aircraft, whether that be for GA, commercial or Bizjet. It has a sleek, modern design and is made with materials chosen for strength and durability to ensure stability over hours of use. The A30 is engineered to provide a new level of performance without bulk and clamping force. Additionally, it is FAA/EASA TSO-C139a certified, and available in six different plug configurations and microphone types.

Key improvements & features

  • Improved around-ear comfort and stability due to the lowering of the centre of gravity on the headsets allowing for an even weight distribution. Manufactured with quality materials to meet Bose’s exacting high standards.
  • Three easy to change digital active noise reduction settings allowing the best balance of quiet, comfort and audio clarity Bose has ever produced with several technological firsts in the aviation industry.
  • Featuring an electret microphone that reduces background noise from loud environments in radio transmissions, enabling improved communications and intelligibility. Low level impedance is available for military applications.
  • Further weight reduction creating the lightest aviation headset Bose has ever produced weighing just 404 Grams/ 14.2 ounces (on head).
  • The new quick release microphone allows you to swap your microphone positioning quickly and easily.
  • Tap control for talk through communications, designed specifically with commercial aviation in mind.
  • Five-year limited warranty with acclaimed service 

What’s the difference between the A30 Aviation Headset and its predecessor, the A20 Aviation Headset?

The A30 Aviation Headset is the evolution of the A20. Its sleek, modern design significantly improves long term comfort with a lower on-head weight and reduced clamping force. It also features three modes of active noise reduction and tap control for talk-through communication.

The A30 upholds the acclaimed noise reduction and state-of-the-art materials and electronic capabilities of the A20. Each of these advancements helped create the best combination of noise reduction and audio clarity on the market. 

Can the Bose A30 Aviation Headset be used in all types of aircraft?

Yes. The A30 is optimised for use in general, military, and commercial aviation aircraft. It can be used in both fixed-wing aircraft and in helicopters. It can be purchased with different connection options, including Dual G/A, 6-pin LEMO and 5-pin XLR. The A30 is not recommended for open-cockpit aircraft where the headset is in the direct path of the wind and slipstream.

Can I switch the microphone to either side?

Yes. The integrated boom mic and cable can be attached to either side of the headset with the toolless connector mechanism in a few simple steps.      

How much noise reduction does the Bose A30 Aviation Headset provide?

The Bose A30 Aviation Headset provides three modes of user selectable noise cancellation that were individually engineered for specific use cases. “Low” helps optimise interpersonal communication outside the use of an intercom system. “Medium” provides the most consistent amount of reduction across a wide range of frequencies, and “High” provides the most active noise reduction to maximise the signal-to-noise ratio for radio communication. All three modes have been engineered for distinct uses.

Bose does not make claims about the mode of noise reduction. We encourage pilots to try the product in a variety of aircraft to experience the dramatic performance and capability of each mode for themselves

What kind of microphone does the Bose A30 Aviation Headset Have? 

The A30 uses a noise cancelling electret microphone (often called a high-impedance microphone), which is typical for aircraft. It is optimised to reject far-field noise and improve performance when used with "hot mic" systems. 

What is the battery life of the Bose A30 Aviation Headset?

The A30 operates for a minimum of 45 hours from two AA alkaline batteries in typical aircraft noise. With continuous operation of the Bluetooth function, battery life will last 25-plus hours. As always, battery life varies with the type of battery, noise environment, and features used during flight. The headset has a battery life indicator light to signal when batteries need to be replaced.


  • Bose A30 Aviation Headset 
  • Headset  Carry Case 
  • 3.5 mm Aux Cable 
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Control Module Hanger

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