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Free Flight Atlas, Europa

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Free Flight Atlas, Europa

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Free Flight Atlas, Europa

227 pages full-color Pilots Atlas. Includes Europe, Middle East,South East Asia till Japan and South Africa. Over 4.000 airports, shown by ICAO-code and IATA-code. 140 pages maps, scale 1:2.000.000, and 1:4.000.000 for Asia, 24 pages overview-maps, and 35 pages, Captains Corner. Sice: DIN A 4 (20 x 29 cm – 7,8" x 11,4", weight: 440g – app. one pound) JNC scale 1:2,000,000 and 1:4.000.000 topographical charts are used showing over 4,000 airports. Waypoints, VOR/DME, NDB´s and special use airspace are included, plus weather frequencies, points of interest, landmarks, airport directory with ICAO/IATA codes, major highways and city maps, just to name a few. Airports are colour coded by runway length and surface. International, regional and aerodromes are coded by symbol shape. Pilots now have the ability to point out objects on the ground or know immediately where they are in relation to surrounding airports or points of interest: an all-in-one source of information for pre-flight or during flight five DIN A3 overview maps containing the following areas: * 1 double page North Atlantic routes * 1 double page African continent * 1 double page Pacific routs * 2 double pages Asia routes to Japan and 4 pages Satellite picture Europa + Asia, 4 pages Europe + Asia political map, 4 pages Volmet + Distance map for Europe + Asia, 4 pages weather/ mainwinds avrage precipitation map, 1 page star chart/north pole, 1 page Polar chart, 2 page timezone. 35 pages of aeronautical information updated with the latest JAA information. To the Airport Directory in the Captains Corner, we have added the coordinates (Lat / Long) for every airport. Headlined of the Captains Corner: Volmet-Broadcasts, Significant Weather Symbols, Metar,RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima), North Atlantic Track - Crossing Procedure, Africa Regional Procedures, Conversion Tables - Crosswind Component, Aerodrome Operating Minima (JAR-OPS 1), Holding Entry Procedures, Holding, Climb Gradients, De-icing Tables - Holdover Times, Abbreviations, Search and Rescue, Aerodrom Signs, Emergency Communications Procedures.

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