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Garmin Aera 695 GPS

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Garmin Aera 695 GPS

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Garmin Aera 695 GPS

The Garmin GPSMAP 695 is Garmin's newest portable with a 7" diagonal full colour display. This new larger format allows many features not practical on smaller units such as, split screen HSI/MAP, high resolution terrain showing hazards relative to your altitude, a vertical profile of terrain along your flightpath and much more.

The GPSMAP 695 also includes IFR High and LOW airways in it's database.The new interface with it's innovative rotary knob/joystick or "click stick" replaces rocker pad data entry with a much faster and easier to use rotary knob selection, and enables map panning and waypoint/airspace identification on the map page lightning fast.

The GPSMAP695's capabilities include:

  • Large 7" diagonal sunlight readable display.
  • 5 Hz screen refresh rate.
  • Sleek design (5.7" W x 7.7"H x 2.0"D).
  • Internal 12-channel GPS.
  • Operates on aircraft power supply (14/28V).
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack - 3 hours with full backlight.
  • Clean and clear presentation of information on airports, VOR, NDB, airspace, roads and rivers.
  • 3000 user waypoints.
  • 10,000 point track log.
  • Full flight planning capability (50 flight plans of up to 300 points each).
  • Full or split HSI screens with data fields.
  • SD card slot for additional mapping data.
  • Aircraft checklists.
  • Full simulator functions.
  • Weight 1012g (2.2lb) with battery pack.
  • Integration with other onboard systems: autopilot, COM, external antenna.

This new top line portable retains all the features of the GPSMAP 495 such as, Smart Airspace, Airspace Declutter, Towers & Obstructions for Europe and a 5Hz update rate. Interface capabilities include traffic data from a suitable PCAS system (Zaon XRX) and VHF NAV/COM tuning to Garmin SL30/40.

Package contents:
Free single Jeppesen® update
Yoke mount
GA 25 remote antenna with suction cup mount
12/24 volt power cable
AC power adapter
USB cable
Protective cover
Owner’s manual
Quick reference guide

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