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Jeppesen MFD IFR Europe

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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is a comprehensive, easy to use app based on the highest quality charting and aeronautical data available combined with flight critical weather information and basic route planning.

Intuitive functionality, data filtering, and a clear, uncluttered display maximizes navigation situational awareness that allows IFR pilots to focus on flying the aircraft.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck supports documents, IFR text, terminal charts, enroute data, weather, and route planning.

Available as a simple single install, Mobile FliteDeck is easy to download, activate and revise via any Internet connection.

Single Install. One Year Subscription / Update Service.
Ipad, Ipad Air and Ipad Mini only.

Product key will follow by email after purchase. 

Info / Download: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/jeppesen-mobile-fd/id446912582?l=da&mt=8


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