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Shell Advanced VSX 2 (Sport Plus 2)

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(Replacement for AeroShell Sport Plus 2)

Shell advanced VSX 2 is suitable for all oil-injection and premix systems. With Dynamic Performance Additive (DPA) technology, This unique semi-synthetic lubricant helps keep your engine clean and protected for longer.
With it's thick lubricant film strength, VSX 2 helps provide excellent protection against metal-to-metal wear.

Performance, features & benefits
  • Excellent engine protection and cleanliness
  • The formulation is carefully balanced and specifically tested in 2-stroke engines to prevent scuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation. The engine life is prolonged and the original performance level maintained.
  • Superior engine efficiency and power
  • The beneficial burning characteristics allow fast adaptation to requirements improving acceleration performance and increasing power output.
  • Minimised exhaust smoke
  • The high amount and carefully selected polyisobutylenes are carefully balanced components, minimise exhaust smoke reducing the environmental impact.
  • Very good self mixing properties
Shell Advance VSX 2 contains a hydrocarbon diluent and it can therefore be used both in oil injection systems fitted to modern 2 stroke engines and in premix systems.

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