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Student Pilot Route Manual

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Student Pilot Route Manual

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Student Pilot Route Manual
In cooperation with EASA, Jeppesen provides the new General Student Pilot Route Manual (GSPRM) for EASA ATPL exams.


EASA kicked off the transition of the ATPL question bank to version ECQB-5. This new version will be implemented over an intended transition period of nine months by all EASA member states.

The Jeppesen GSPRM supports the new question bank with a selection of charts defined by EASA out of the Jeppesen library of flight navigation charts.

NOTE: The purpose of the GSPRM is to support ground training and ATPL exams but must not be used for flight navigation! Same as with the old STPRM the content is „frozen“ per definition by EASA and navigation information will not be updated!!


· Table of Content and log of all included pages

· Text: Extracts of Glossary, Chart Legend, Air Traffic Control and Airport Directory

· Enroute Charts: European Low and High Altitude Enroute Charts, North Atlantic Plotting Chart, VFR Enroute Chart for      Southern Germany

· Airports: Complete set of procedure and airport charts for the EASA selection of IFR and VFR airports>

IFR Airports

o Aberdeen EGPD

o Alicante LEAL

o Amsterdam EHAM

o De Kooy EHKD

o Dubrovnik LDDU

o London Heathrow EGLL

o Nantes-Atlantique LFRS

o Santorini LGSR

o Stuttgart EDDS

o Tromso ENTC

o Galbraith Lake PAGB

VFR Airports

o Aberdeen EGPD

o Alicante LEAL

o Dubrovnik LDDU

o Friedrichshafen EDNY

o Gloucestershire EGBJ

o Nantes-Atlantique LFRS


· Content of the GSPRM is „frozen“ per definition by EASA
and navigation information will not be updated!

· Adjustments to the content are subject to definition by EASA

· The charts reflect the current content and design at freezing date

· Charts are NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE and marked accordingly

· All charts and pages are identified with „GSPRM“ in the header

· The GSPRM content fits into one standard Jeppesen 2“ binder

· The set is delivered with accessories (chart pockets and tabs and optional binder)

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