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Chicken Wings 3 - Think Big

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Chicken Wings 3 - Think Big

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Chicken Wings 3 – Think Big
With employees like these, it is one of aviation’s greatest mysteries how “Roost Air” manages to stay in business. But here they are again! In this third Chicken Wings comic collection, Chuck and his fellow chickens seamlessly pick up where they left off in the last book and continue to live through the ups and downs of flying for a living.
Besides unsettling the airspace, Chuck also embarks on the high-flying mission of building his own vintage airplane. Will he succeed? Oh, the unbearable, nerve-wracking suspense! Buy the book and find out!
Published 2008 by Michael and Stefan Strasser
ISBN 978-1-60702-858-1
159 pages, full color
Size:: 20 x 20 x 1,3 cm
Weight: 500g

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